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Analysis and Calculation


The use of specific, constantly updated calculation software allows the dimensioning and checking of mechanical components and systems using traditional engineering methods.

The evolution of automatic calculation theories and instruments has also made it possible to use FEM (Finite Element Method), together with the practical application of FEA (Finite Element Analysis) for the resolution of complex differential systems. 

In particular, the use of FEM/FEA technology in mechanical engineering allows the graphical representation and determination of deformation, stress and strain load values, etc. of solid bodies and dynamic structures.

FEA technology makes it possible to determine accurately the numerical values of the components analysed whereas traditional engineering methods give values that are only approximate and insufficiently reliable. 

This means that the product's design can be optimised, enhancing whatever characteristic intrinsic values the materials have and hence optimising the chosen geometries. 

FEM/FEA makes it possible to simulate the behaviour of the virtual prototype before the actual manufacturing process begins. This shortens product development times and reduces the customer's design and testing costs.

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